My name is Adam and I am a content and communications professional with over eight years of experience in the field and working in content design. I currently work at a nonprofit where I am the lead content creator for the foundation. My day-to-day responsibilities include social media, website and graphic design, video production, and blogging.

I earned a master’s degree at DePaul University in June of 2017 where I structured my studies in graphic and web design.

I have experience working in the full Adobe Suite for graphic design and video production while working on both PC and MAC operating systems.


DePaul Basketball schedule graphic
My video feature on Randolph High School. Randolph, MN is a town of just 500 people, but the reason their event succeeds every year is that they put in the time, energy, and passion.
Wild Meadows logo
Delusional Football Team Fan profile graphic designed by Adam Obringer
Delusional Football Team Fan social profiles picture
Challenging expansion: Hawks Talon GC’s journey into NBA 2K League